Contact the Texas Comptroller's Office

Contact the Texas State Comptroller for all questions regarding sales tax.

You are responsible for verifying all tax information with the appropriate agency. 

Texas Comptroller and Sales Tax

Baked goods are typically tax-exempt.

Candy and other snack foods are typically taxable.

If you are selling only tax-exempt items, you are not required to obtain a Sales & Use Tax Permit!

Texas Comptroller document regarding sales tax for bakery items.
Look for publication 94-117. 

Texas Comptroller document regarding taxable grocery foods. 
Look for publication 96-280.


"Ready-to-Eat Food"

"Ready-to-eat food is typically taxable even when it is sold “to go.” Tax is not due, however, on bakery items (regardless of size, whether whole pies, for example, or individual portions) when sold without plates or eating utensils."

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